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Whilst Ozstream exists to support the people in Australia’s Creative and Performing Arts Industry, the industry is also supported by many venues and businesses which invest significant amounts of time and money in helping Australian Artists become their best. It’s for this reason that Ozstream is so grateful for our network of partners and supporters who are each doing their bit to support Ozstream’s start-up endeavours, or in their efforts to create a vibrant arts ecosystem that empowers creativity, sustains artists and enriches the cultural fabric of our nation.

The Vocal Muster

Established in 2018, The Vocal Muster is a not-for-profit organisation operating in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

It provides opportunities for young people of varying abilities to experience the joy of singing and to participate in various Muster activities, thereby gaining confidence and camaraderie.

With the valued assistance of many entertainment professionals, volunteers and the utilisation of grants and donations, The Vocal Muster is able to offer the region’s youth a number of unique and rewarding opportunities.

Cindog Media + Velocity Classifieds

Established in 2010, Cindog Media is a marketing business that operates throughout Australia. Cindog Media’s vision is to harmonise people’s hearts and minds, and to Ignite business owners to infuse love in every communication with their customers to create powerful relationships that can thrive.

The Cindog Media team supports business owners to help create and build their brand, websites, publish online videos, and create and manage social media posts, with the main focus remaining on strategic marketing and sales of their customers products and services – which they highlight is the life blood of any business, to maintain healthy cashflow for the business to operate successfully.

Harsha Seneviratne (Cindog Media’s Sales and Marketing Manager) and Brad Franzen (Ozstream’s Driving Force) first met through the Canberra Innovation Network where they both completed the Idea-to-Impact program together. They now meet most Wednesday evenings to play Think and Grow Rich with a number of other people who find their business innovations at various stages of their start-up journey.

HarpCare Therapeutic Music Services

Alison believes music can be transformational and can be offered in all areas of healthcare and community. Since 2009, Alison Ware’s HarpCare Therapeutic Music Services has offered curated music programs in both healthcare and in the community. Using a variety of harps, Alison tailors her music to support health, comfort, and wellbeing.

Whilst not performance based, Alison plays her harp as the means in which provides the therapy, where the music is tailored to support people experiencing physical, emotional, and spiritual pain.

HarpCare Programs Include:

The Therapeutic Harp Program: Visiting patients at Canberra Hospital, Clare Holland House and the University of Canberra Hospital. Which is funded by donations from Dry July,  Centenary Women’s Hospital administered by the Canberra Hospital Foundation. See Info: Therapeutic Harp Program | Canberra Hospital Foundation.

Harp Care Staff Programs: Supporting frontline health care staff across Canberra Health Services offering curated programs using harp music, art, and mindfulness meditation.

HarpCare Community: Offering a range of programs such as Try the Harp workshops, Harp Yoga sessions and mindfulness meditation sessions.

HarpCare for Animals:

HarpCare for Animals provides live and recorded Harp Music as audio and visual enrichment programs in zoos, animal shelters, veterinary clinics and for companion animals.

Alison currently provides an audio and visual enrichment program to the National Zoo and Aquarium providing music enrichment for animals. 

To hear how relaxing this amazing instrument sounds – I recommend you pop over to Alison Ware’s Insight Timer for a free meditation.

The Canberra Innovation Network

The CBR Innovation Network (aka Canberra Innovation Network or CBRIN) is an initiative of the government of the Australian Capital Territory that was founded in 2014. It was established to accelerate innovation and diversify the economy in the ACT region. The CBR Innovation Network is based on the collaboration of its six Foundation Members: the Australian National University, CSIRO, Canberra Institute of Technology, Data61 (now merged with CSIRO), the University of Canberra, and the University of New South Wales (Canberra, ADFA).

One of the CBR Innovation Network’s primary programs has been the creation of an innovation district in Canberra, which features a business incubator, a start-up accelerator program and a co-working space. Regardless of where you find yourself located, we strongly recommend that anyone with a business idea hook-in with their local innovation network.

Much of the speed and success Ozstream’s has enjoyed as we’ve moved through our start-up phase has been the result of the tools and information provided to us by CBRIN’s. If you’re in the A.C.T. – definitely check out all of CBRIN’s events, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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