Our Story

The idea for Ozstream was born as a way of giving back to friends and family who work in the creative and performing arts and seeing the devastating impacts the pandemic years had on their ability to do what they love.

Ozstream isn’t just about people. It is just as much about venues and business owners, who also experienced financial strain and hardship when they were unable to open their doors. They now find themselves facing difficulties in finding and retaining staff, and in their ability to source suitable artists, musicians or entertainers.

Artists of all forms, be they musicians, entertainers, writers, or creatives, should all be seen as professionals who shape our cultural identity. And so, driven by a desire to see that people receive fair compensation and recognition of these contributions, Ozstream has set out to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity, by leveraging technology to better connect those in the industry.

As we grow, Ozstream seeks to become Australia’s trusted source of information, support, and inspiration for the entire arts community.

We know the road ahead will present us with any number of challenges. It is our belief, that contained within these challenges, exist the keys to unlocking the opportunities of the future.


Ozstream is an Australian-founded social enterprise that’s all about people.

Our logo comprises three primary elements:

“The circle” represents positive emotions and safety…… “The wave” represents tranquillity and movement….. “The human within” represents you – the artist, musician, writer, venue, industry and audience who all contribute to Australia’s cultural identity, and Creative and Performing Arts Industry.

That of our brand’s distinct and modern colour palette features deep teal and neon cyan blue for confidence and professionalism, with white representing hope for a better future.


Asking “What’s Going On?” offers up many benefits:

It’s very Australian: Where it’s often inserted immediately after the use of G’day! and frequently pronounced as a single word: Whats’G’N’Arn?

It creates awareness: Allowing us to stay informed about the current and emerging issues and trends. Allowing us to gather a deeper understanding of the industry, emerging opportunities, and any potential challenges.

It allows for adaptability: Knowing what’s going on allows us to anticipate change, plan ahead, and take advantage of opportunities as they arise, or to adapt our strategy and help us stay relevant and responsive to ever evolving needs and preferences.

For networking and collaboration: It’s a great ice-breaker and can bring down barriers, encouraging communication, networking and collaboration.

Empowerment: Asking what’s going on empowers us to drive positive change. It helps us to identify where support may be needed, advocate for change, and contribute to the growth and sustainability of Australia’s Creative and Performing Arts Industry.

Understanding: On how and where Ozstream can bridge the gap between talent and opportunity, and create the magic that happens when passion meets purpose.

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