About Ozstream

Ozstream is a social enterprise that is dedicated to connecting Australian artists, musicians, writers, venues, industry and audience, in new and innovative ways.

The idea for Ozstream was born as a way of giving back to friends and family who work in the creative and performing arts and seeing the devastating impacts the pandemic years had on their ability to do what they love. Ozstream isn’t just about people. It is just as much about venues and business owners, who also experienced financial strain and hardship when they were unable to open their doors. They now find themselves facing difficulties in finding and retaining staff, and in their ability to source suitable artists, musicians or entertainers. Add to this, a decade of underinvestment from both public and private sectors, and you quickly come to appreciate the complex web of challenges that exist today.

Ozstream’s ultimate ambition is to ensure every Australian artist is supported by a living wage, therefore enabling artists to pursue their passion without facing financial constraints. It is equally essential that venues and business owners enjoy benefits and support, in recognition of the important contributions they make to supporting artists, entertainers and musicians.

Artists of all forms, be they musicians, entertainers, writers, or creatives, should all be seen as professionals who shape our cultural identity. And so, driven by a desire to see that people receive fair compensation and recognition of these contributions, Ozstream has set out to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity, by leveraging technology to better connect those in the industry.

Ozstream is collaborating closely with industry leaders to develop a range of programs designed to help revitalise the creative and performing arts industry in Australia. 

At launch, our GigBridge feature will enable musicians and entertainers to discover venues in which to perform. Venues will also enjoy the ability to call for artists, musicians and entertainers to apply for any event and entertainment opportunities they have available. 

Some of Ozstream’s future features include the ability for artists, venues, business and community groups to promote their events and entertainment through our website, and the ability for creative artists to sell directly to customers through our ecommerce platform.

At Ozstream, we choose to embrace challenges head-on and we’re not afraid of the hard work required to achieve our goals. Through strategic initiatives and partnerships, we are committed to supporting the industry’s recovery and fostering its growth through the concepts of compassionate capitalism. Through these relationships, Ozstream seeks to question the status-quo and to deliver solutions which benefit the industry as a whole.

As we grow, Ozstream seeks to become Australia’s trusted source of information, support, and inspiration for the entire arts community. We know the road ahead will present us with any number of challenges. It is our belief, that contained within these challenges, exist the keys to unlocking the opportunities of the future.

The vision of connecting the industry, fostering collaboration, and supporting the arts is finally gaining some momentum. The recent announcement of the Federal Government’s Revive Program & National Cultural Policy is certainly a step in the right direction. That said, no matter how positive the Government’s announcement, future success will continue to hinge on the support, contribution, and financial investment made by the private sector, and it’s from this principled position where Ozstream seeks to make a difference.

Over the course of 2023, we’ve been engaging with and listening to the needs of artists, musicians and venues, gathering feedback to help shape the services we offer to ensure their relevance. The positive feedback received off the back of these conversations has seen the excitement surrounding Ozstream grow exponentially.

Most recently, we’ve had the opportunity to participate in the Canberra Innovation Network Idea-to-Impact program. A ten-week course designed to help Ozstream apply practical tools to turn our ideas into high impact ventures, and to accelerate our start-up trajectory.

Join us on this transformative journey as we revolutionise the way artists, musicians, writers, venues, industry and audience, connect, collaborate, network and flourish. Let’s work together to shape the future of the creative and performing arts in Australia. Let’s connect audiences with captivating performances and empower artists to reach their full potential. Let’s create a vibrant arts ecosystem that empowers creativity, sustains artists and enriches the cultural fabric of our nation.

With your support, Ozstream will become a beacon of creativity, collaboration, and collective growth – a testament to the magic that unfolds when passion meets purpose.

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